Computer Cell (IT Services Centre)UET Lahore



The Computer Cell was established in November 2004 with 4MB bandwidth provided by NTC PERN Project. Its a complete ISP setup with advance network equipment. In November 2007 a high-speed internet bandwidth of 16MB was provided by PTCL PERN-2 through Fiber Optics backbone, as part of the new IT Revolution. With the passage of time a lot of other enhancements were also made by Computer Cell. In this regard different servers were installed to host the UET Web Site and other subdomains including LMS, Admission, Jobs, News etc.
Presently all hostels & departments are connected through LAN Cable and Smart Wi-Fi via Fiber Optics backbone and the users inside the colony of UET are connected through DSL.
Total Bandwidth:  1 Gbps
Major focus of Computer Cell is to provide internet facility to all the faculty & students at departments and hostels. Currently there are two means of internet at UET Lahore which are LAN Cable and Smart W-Fi. Total bandwidth of UET Lahore is shared in both LAN Cable and Smart Wi-Fi. There is no limit on LAN Cable users. In Smart Wi-Fi Network 731 APs have been deployed all over the University including departments and hostels. Bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps is allocated per user.
The other services & facilities which are provided by Computer Cell are listed below:

  • Management of email accounts for faculty, students & staff
  • Management of MSDN (Microsoft developer network) accounts for faculty, students & staff
  • Smart University Wi-Fi
  • Surveillance of University
  • Network Management Systems (Nagios and PRTG):
  • Biometric Attendance System
  • VMware Virtualization
  • Free NAS
  • Kaspersky Security Server
  • Spiceworks Helpdesk
  • Bus Surveillance System
  • Web Security Deployment & Configuration
  • Bulk SMS Portal for Student & LMS Services
  • SMD Display for Notifications
  • DSL Service inside the University colony for Professors, Deans and Chairmen
  • Video Conferencing System
  • Online arrangements of seminars at various Departments.
  • Digital Library Facility
  • Establishment of Thin Client Lab at Electrical Department
  • Up-gradation of UET LAN network
  • Deployment of VOIP Setup in UET main campus
  • Deployment of Wireless network in Narowal campus


   Future Plans

  • Implementation of SAN (storage area network) Solution in main campus
  • Data Archiving of CCTV Surveillance System of UET

Supervised By:

Director I.T
Dr. Waqar Mehmood

Manager I.T
M. Mudasser Khan
Cell# 03334294815

Principal Manager
Mohsin Yaseen
Cell# 03349069919

Senior Staff

Sr. Network Administrator 
Mr. Muhammad Waqar

Other Staff:

Network Administrator

Mr. Zohaib Iqbal
Mr. Husnain Yousaf
Mr. Tahir Latif
Mr. Ahmad Shairaz