Group Members


Currently, it houses faculty members involved in research. Faculty members
of the department currently housed in the Center and their research focus
are listed below:

1. Dr Irfanullah Chaudhary: Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence.
2. Dr Anita Malik: Algorithms, Software Engineering, Machine learning.
3. Dr Ali Hammad Akbar: Wireless Sensor networks.
4. Dr Muhammad Aslam: Artificial Intelligence. Human Computer Interface.

Faculty members involved in the research activity but housed in Computer
Science department are listed below:

5. Dr Muhammad Shoaib: Databases, Sofware Engineering.
6. Dr Amjad Farooq: Databases, Sofware Engineering.
7. Dr Junaid Arshad: Computer Netowrks.
8. Dr Muhammad Shahbaz; Artificial Intelligence.

Beside the above, a Bio-Informatics Research group is also functional
actively and is collaborating with Broad Institute, MIT, USA. they are:

9. Professor Dr Abad Ali Shah: Bio-Informatics, semantic Web, Databases,
Software Engineering.

10. Dr Syed Muhammad Ahsan: Bio-Informatics, Theoretical Computer Science.