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""ACEME": Synthesis and characterization of reactive silica residues from two stage mineral carbonation process " E Benhelal, MI Rashid, MS Rayson, TK Oliver, G Brent, M Stockenhuber, EM Kennedy, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 2019, 2019

"ACEME: Direct Aqueous Mineral Carbonation of Dunite Rock" Muhammad I Rashid, Emad Benhelal, Faezeh Farhang, Timothy K Oliver, Mark S Rayson, Geoff F Brent, Michael Stockenhuber, Eric M Kennedy, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 2019, 2019

"Development of Concurrent Grinding for Application in Aqueous Mineral Carbonation" M.I. Rashid, E. Benhelal, F. Farhang, T.K. Oliver, M.S. Rayson, G.F. Brent, M. Stockenhuber, E.M. Kennedy, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2019, 2019

"Primary recovery factor as a function of production rate: Implications for conventional reservoirs with different drive mechanisms" Raza et al.,, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, United States, 2018, 2019

"Impact of geochemical and geomechanical changes on CO2 sequestration potential in sandstone and limestone aquifers" Raza et al.,, Greenhouse Gases: Science and Technology, Wiley, 2019, 2019

"Water dissociation assisted electrolysis for hydrogen production in a Salinity Power Cell" Chen Xia, Chenxiao Jiang, Muhammad A. Shehzad, . . . Tongwen Xu, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, IF = 6.970, 2019, 2019

"Multi-criteria decision analysis for textile pad-dyeing and foam-dyeing based on cost, performance, productivity and sustainability" Muhammad Mohsin, Shaheen Sardar, Switzerland , 26, 2019

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