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"Removal of Heavy Metals from Drinking Water Using Chikni Mitti (Kaolinite): Isotherm and Kinetics" Muhammad Irfan Jalees, Muhammad Umar Farooq, Sarosh Basheer and Sadia Asghar, Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Jan 2019, 2019

"Coupling metal–organic frameworks and g-C3N4to derive [email protected] N-doped graphene-like carbon for peroxymonosulfate activation: Upgrading framework stability and performance" Chao Liu, Liyuan Liu, Xing Tian, Yiping Wang, Ruoyu Li, Yuting Zhang, Zilong Song, Bingbing Xu, Wei Chu, Fei Qi, Amir Ikhlaq, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (IF = 11.698), 2019, 2019

"A Field Scale Approach to Determine Compaction-Based Permeability in Unconsolidated Reservoirs " Raza et al. (3rd), Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, Elsevier, 2019, 2019

"Mineral Carbonation of CO2 Using Alternative Feedstocks" Muhammad Imran Rashid, Ph.D./Australia, 2019, 2019

"Model-Based Analysis and Optimisation of Haber-Bosch Process Designs for Power-to-Ammonia" Izzat Iqbal Cheema, Cuvillier Verlag (Germany), 2019, 2019

"Comparative study of ferrocement panels reinforced with galvanized iron and polypropylene meshes" Ubaid Ahmad Mughal, Muhammad Azhar Saleem, Safeer Abbas, Netherlands Impact Factor: 3.485, 210 (2019) 40–47 Impact Factor: 3.485, 2019

""ACEME": Synthesis and characterization of reactive silica residues from two stage mineral carbonation process " E Benhelal, MI Rashid, MS Rayson, TK Oliver, G Brent, M Stockenhuber, EM Kennedy, Environmental Progress and Sustainable Energy, 2019, 2019

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