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"Novel Carbon based Fe-Co Oxides Derived from Prussian Blue Analogues Activating Peroxymonosulfate: Refractory Drugs Degradation without Metal Leaching" Chao Liu; Shiqi Liu; Liyuan Liu; Xing Tian; Longyan Liu; Yulin Xia; Xiaoliang Liang; Yiping Wang; Zilong Song; Yuting Zhang; Ruoyu Li; Ye Liu; Fei Qi; Amir Ikhlaq, Chemical Engineering Journal (8.355), 2019, 2019

"Word Distance Approach for Celebrity Profiling" Muhammad Usman Asif, Muhammad Naeem, Zeeshan Ramzan, and Fahad Najib, France, Notebook for PAN at CLEF 2019, 2019

"Abrasivity evaluation for wear prediction of button drill bits using geotechnical rock properties" Y. Majeed, M. Z. Abu Bakar, I. A. Butt, Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment, Springer Berlin Heidelberg,, 2019

"Double Beltrami states and loss of equilibrium in electron, positron and ion plasmas" S. M. Gondal, M. Iqbal, Shafa Ullah, M. Asghar and Ashfaq H. Khosa, Journal of Plasma Physics, 85/2019, 2019

"Silanized silica compatibilization of NBR/gelatin blends for the production of green rubber products" YQ Gill, MS Irfan, F Saeed, M Nadeem, H Ehsan, Journal of Elastomers and Plastic, USA, (IF=1.112), Vol. (51), No. (5)/2019, 2019

"Formation of large-scale structures in four-component dusty plasmas" S.M. Gondal, M. Iqbal, F. Saleem, A. Shuaib, Contribution to Plasma Physics, 2019, 2019

"Computational investigation of aqueous phase effects on the dehydrogenation and dehydroxylation of polyols over Pt(111)" M. Saleheen, M. Zare, M. Faheem, and A. Heyden, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 131, pp. 19052–19065 (2019), 2019

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