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"Investigation of mechanical and electrochemical performance of multifunctional carbon-fiber reinforced polymer composites for electrical energy storage applications" Atif Javaid, Ahmad Shahzaib, Hammad Tahir, Munazza Ali and Wajiha Younus, Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan, Pakistan, 41(03) / 2019, 2019

"Synthesis and characterization of novel Pr6O11/Mn3O4 nanocomposites for electrochemical supercapacitors" Khadija Tul Kubra, Atif Javaid, Bebi Patil, Rehana Sharif, Ayesha Salman, Shamaila Shahzadi, Sofia Siddique, Sheeba Ghani, Ceramics International, USA, 45 (6) / 2019, 2019

"Load Range Enhancement of Ammonia Synthesis Loop by Multi-Parametric Optimisation for Power-to-Ammonia" Izzat Iqbal Cheema, Ulrike Krewer, 1st International Young Professionals Conference on Process Engineering (YCOPE 2019), Magdeburg, 18 - 20.03.2019, 2019

"Experimental and finite element analysis on thermal conductivity of burnt clay bricks reinforced with fibers" Khuram Rashid, Ehsan Ul Haq, Muhammad Sajid Kamran, Nazish Munir, Amber Shahid, Iqra Hanif, Construction and Building Materials, 221(2019) 190-199, 2019

"Characterization and adsorption study of biosorbents for the removal of basic cationic dye: kinetic and isotherm analysis" Muhammad Umar Farooq, Muhammad Irfan Jalees, Arfa Iqbal, Nayab Zahara and Ayesha Kiran, Desalination and Water Treatment , 160, 2019, 2019

"Combining classification and regression for improving shear wave velocity estimation from well logs data" Qizhen Du, Qamar Yasin, Atif Ismail, Ghulam Sohail, Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, USA, 182/ Impact Factor: 2.88/2019, 2019

"In-situ crosslinked SPPO/PVA composite membranes for alkali recovery via diffusion dialysis" Wengen Ji, Noor Ul Afsar, Bin Wu, Fangmeng Sheng, Muhammad A. Shehzad, Liang Ge, Tongwen Xu, Journal of Membrane Science, IF = 7.015, 2019, 2019

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