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"Editorial: GHG Emissions and Role of Polymeric Materials in Mitigation" Muhammad Imran Rashid, Non-Metallic Material Science, 2022, 2022

"Effect of hydrated lime and other mineral fillers on stiffening and oxidative ageing in bitumen mastic" Rami M. Alfaqawi, Ayyaz Fareed, Syed Bilal Ahmed Zaidi, Gordon D. Airey, Abdur Rahim, Construction and Building Materials, 315, 2022

"Performance efficiency comparison of microbial electrolysis cells for sustainable production of biohydrogen—A comprehensive review" Muhammad Muddasar1, Rabia Liaquat1, Ayesha Aslam1, Muhammad Zia Ur Rahman2, Ali Abdullah1, Asif Hussain Khoja3, Kainaat Latif4, Ali Bahadar5, International Journal of Energy Research (IF: 5.164), January 2022 , 2022

"Multilocational householding: Implications for urban development in Pakistan" Aslam, A. B., Accessible Housing for South Asia: Needs, Implementation and Impacts / Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2022, 2022

"Eco-friendly precision turning of superalloy Inconel 718 using MQL based vegetable oils: Tool wear and surface integrity evaluation" Muhammad Qaiser Saleem, Abrar Mehmood, Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 73/2022, 2022

"Factors affecting the mode choice behavior before and during COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan" Abdullah, M., Ali, N., Aslam, A. B., Javid, M. A., Hussain, S. A., International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology / Netherlands, 11 / 2022, 2022

"Experimental Investigation of a Breathing Crack in a Plate under Different Excitations" Aftab, H., Baneen, U. and Israr, A., Structural Control and Health Monitoring, UK, 30/2022, 2022

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