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"The Relation Between Residential Self-Selection and Urban Mobility in Middle Eastern Cities: the Case of Alexandria, Egypt" Masoumi, H., Ibrahim, M. R., & Aslam, A. B., Netherlands, pp. 1-27/2021 , 2021

"Thermal Characterization of Various Reduced Derived Fuel Materials for Energy Applications" Tayyab Qureshi, Muhammad Asif Hussain, Tanveer Iqbal, Ehsan ul Haq, A.N. Tabish, Hamid Siddiqui, Key Engineering Materials, 875:42-48 (2021), 2021

"AraSenCorpus: A Semi-supervised Approach for Sentiment Annotation of Large Arabic Text Corpus" Ali Al-Laith, Muhammad Shahbaz, Hind F Alaskar, and Asim Rehmat , Applied Sciences MDPI (Impact Factor : 2.474, February 2021 (Accepted), 2021

"Sustainable mixed matrix membranes containing porphyrin and polysulfone Polymer for acid gas separations" Sidra Saqib, Sikander Rafiq,, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Elsevier, 144(2021)125155 , 2021

"Novel carbon fibers synthesis, plasma functionalization, and application to polymer composites" A. Khan*, D. Dragatogiannis, P. Jagdale, M. Rovere, C. Rosso, A. Tagliaferro, C. Charitidis, Hungary, Vol (15) No.4, 2021, 2021

"Waste to life: Low-cost, self-standing, 2D carbon fiber green Li-ion battery anode made from end-of-life cotton textile" Pravin Jagdale*,Jijeesh Nair∗∗, Aamer Khan, Marco Armandi, Giuseppina Meligrana, Francisco Hernandez, Irene Rusakova, Erik Piatti, Massimo Rovere, Alberto Tagliaferro, Martin Winter , Claudio Gerbaldi, UK, 368/2021, 2021

"An investigation on recycling potential of sulfur concrete" Muhammad Ahsan Gulzar, Abdur Rahim, Babar Ali, Ammad Hassan Khan, Journal of Building Engineering, 33, 2021

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