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"Automotive leaf spring design and manufacturing process improvement using failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA). " Tauseef Aized, Muhammad Ahmad, Muhammad Haris Jamal, Asif Mahmood, Syed Ubaid ur Rehman and Jagjit Singh Srai, International Journal of Engineering Business Management, Volume 12: 1–13, 2020, 2020

"Physico-mechanical performance and durability of artificial lightweight aggregate synthesized by cementing and geopolymerization " Munib Ul Rehman, Khuram Rashid, Ehsan Ul Haq, Murid Hussain, Nasir Shehzad, Construction and Building Materials, 232(2020)117290, 2020

"Evaluation of BaZr0.8X0.2 (X= Y, Gd, Sm) proton conducting electrolytes sintered at low temperature for IT-SOFC synthesized by cost effective combustion method." Muneeb Irshad, Qurat- ul-Ain, Khurram Siraj, Rizwan Raza, Asif Nadeem Tabish, Muhammad Rafique, Raazia Idrees, Fiaz Khan, Shahbaz Majeed, Muhammad Ahsan., Journal of Alloys and Compounds. (Netherland). [ISSN: 0925-8388], 815, 152389 (1-8) (2020), 2020

"Moving towards resource conservation by automated prioritization of concrete mix design" Khuram Rashid, Sara Farooq, Alina Mahmood, Sahar Iftikhar, Aftab Ahmad, Construction and Building Materials, 236 (2020) 117586, 2020

"Membranes for CO2/CH4 and CO2/N2 Gas Separation" M Chawla, H Saulat, M.M. Khan, M.M. Khan, S. Rafiq, L. Cheng, T. Iqbal, M.I. Rasheed, M.Z. Farooq, M. Saeed, N.M. Ahmad, M.B.K. Niazi, S. Saqib, F. Jamil, A. Mukhtar, N Muhammad, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2020, 2020

"Increasing the water resistance of concrete by adding polymers." Huma Ashraf, Maria Idrees, Pakistan, 2020, 2020

"Study on Effect of Carbides on cementitious materials (in process)" Husnain Ahmad Chaudhary, Maria Idrees, Pakistan, 2020, 2020

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