List of Publications Civil Department UET Lahore

1 - "3D response surface modeling based in-situ assessment of physico-mechanical characteristics of alluvial soils using dynamic cone penetrometer" Usama Khalid, Zia ur Rehman, Hassan Mujtaba, Khalid Farooq, United Kingdom, 2022, 2022

2 - "Recycled Untreated Rubber Waste for Controlling the Alkali–Silica Reaction in Concrete" Safeer Abbas, Ali Ahmed, Ayesha Waheed, Wasim Abbass, Muhammad Yousaf, Sbahat Shaukat, Hisham Alabduljabbar and Youssef Ahmed Awad, Switzerland, 15(10)/2022, 2022

3 - "Potential Use of Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge in Fabrication of Burnt Clay Bricks" Faisal Amin, Safeer Abbas, Wasim Abbass, Abdelatif Salmi, Ali Ahmed, Danish Saeed, Muhammad Sufian and Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed, Switzerland, 14(11)/2022, 2022

4 - "Potential of Waste Marble Sludge for Repressing Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete with Reactive Aggregates" Ali Ahmed, Safeer Abbas, Wasim Abbass, Ayesha Waheed, Afia Razzaq, Elimam Ali and Ahmed Farouk Deifalla, Switzerland, 15(11)/2022, 2022

5 - "Manufacturing of Sustainable Untreated Coal Ash Masonry Units for Structural Applications" Wasim Abbass, Safeer Abbas, Fahid Aslam, Ali Ahmed, Tauqir Ahmed, Agha Hashir and Amr Mamdouh, Switzerland, 15(11)/2022, 2022

6 - "Impact of Openings on the In-Plane Strength of Confined and Unconfined Masonry Walls: A Sustainable Numerical Study" Ubaid Ahmad Mughal, Asad Ullah Qazi, Ali Ahmed, Wasim Abbass, Safeer Abbas, Abdelatif Salmi and Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed, Switzerland, 14(12)/2022, 2022

7 - "Evaluation of resilience parameters of soybean oil modified and unmodified warm mix asphalts – A way forward towards sustainable pavements" Muhammad Akhtar Tarar, Ammad Hassan Khan, Zia ur Rehman, Wasim Abbass, Ali Ahmed, Elimam Ali, Mohamed Mahmoud Sayed and Mubashir Aziz, Switzerland, 14/2022, 2022

8 - "Plausible Precipitation Trends over the Large River Basins of Pakistan in Twenty First Century" Ammara Nusrat, Hamza Farooq Gabriel, Umm Habiba, Habib Ur Rehman, Sajjad Haider, Shakil Ahmad Muhammad Shahid, Saad Ahmed Jamal and Jahangir Ali , atmosphere, Volume-13 (2022), 2022

9 - "Sustainable improvement in engineering behavior of Siwalik Clay using industrial waste glass powder as additive" Syed Zishan Ashiq, Aziz Akbar, Khalid Farooq, Hassan Mujtaba, United Kingdom, 2022, 2022

10 - "Impact Resistance of Styrene–Butadiene Rubber (SBR) Latex-Modified Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: The Role of Aggregate Size" Muhammad Rehan Ashraf, Usman Akmal, Nauman Khurram, Fahid Aslam, Ahmed F. Deifalla, Materials, Switzerland, 15, 1283, 2022

11 - "A spreadsheet-based tool for optimal design of reinforced concrete cantilever retaining walls" Mansoor Shakeel, Rizwan Azam & Muhammad Rizwan Riaz , Switzerland, 7(1)/2022, 2022

12 - "Metaheuristic-Based Practical Tool for Optimal Design of Reinforced Concrete Isolated Footings: Development and Application for Parametric Investigation" Junaid Waheed, Rizwan Azam, Muhammad Rizwan Riaz, Mansoor Shakeel, Abdullah Mohamed and Elimam Ali, Switzerland, 12(04)/2022, 2022

13 - "Fracture energy of fiber-reinforced and rubberized cement-based composites: A sustainable approach towards recycling of waste scrap tires" S. Asad Ali Gillani, Muhammad Rizwan Riaz, Rashid Hameed, Adnan Qamar, Ahmed Toumi, Anaclet Turatsinze, Energy and Environment, 2022, 2022

14 - "Effectiveness of Ternary Blend Incorporating Rice Husk Ash, Silica Fume, and Cement in Preparing ASR Resilient Concrete" Ali Ahmed , Shoaib Ameer, Safeer Abbas, Wasim Abbass, Afia Razzaq, Abdeliazim Mustafa Mohamed and Abdullah Mohamed, Switzerland, 15(6)/2022, 2022

15 - "Optimization-Based Economical Flexural Design of Singly Reinforced Concrete Beams: A Parametric Study" Rizwan Azam, Muhammad Rizwan Riaz, Muhammad Umer Farooq, Faraz Ali, Muhammad Mohsan, Ahmed Farouk Deifalla and Abdeliazim Mustafa Mohamed , Switzerland, 15(9)/ 2022, 2022

16 - "Evaluation of the Impact of Fines on the Performance of Sub-Base Materials" Khalid Farooq, Hassan Mujtaba , Shojat Munir, Syed Zishan Ashiq , Syed Minhaj Saleem Kazmi and Muhammad Junaid Munir, Switzerland, 12/2022, 2022

17 - "Coupled effect of waste tire rubber and steel fibers on the mechanical properties of concreteCoupled effect of waste tire rubber and steel fibers on the mechanical properties of concrete" Mohsin Adeel Waris, Umbreen us Sahar, Usman Akmal, Nauman Khuram, Fahid Aslam, Dina Fathi, Materials Science-Poland, 40(1), 2022

18 - "Investigation of Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Sustainable Ultrahigh Performance Concrete" Safeer Abbas, Wasim Abbass, Moncef L. Nehdi, Ali Ahmed and Muhammad Yousaf, Switzerland, 13(10)/2021, 2021

19 - "Experimental Study on Influence of Methylcellulose on Tensile and Flexural Strength of Normal Strength OPC Concrete" Ali Ahmed, Shakir Ahmad, Muhammad Mannal Kaleem, Muhammad Bilal Zahid, Pakistan, 40/2021, 2021

20 - "Unified Evaluation of Consolidation Parameters for Low to High Plastic range of Cohesive Soils from Pakistan" Z.U.Rehman, Khalid Farooq, Hassan Mujtaba & Usama Khalid, Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, Vol 40 (1), pp 93-103, Jan-2021., Vol 40 (1), pp 93-103, Jan-2021., 2021

21 - "Experimental Study on Influence of Methylcellulose on Tensile and Flexural Strength of Normal Strength Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete" Ali Ahmed, Shakir Ahmad, Muhammad Mannal Kaleem, Muhammad Bilal Zahid, Pakistan, 40(04)/2021, 2021

22 - "Assessing the Role of Infiltration Galleries to Enhance Groundwater Recharge in Model Town Lahore" Muhammad Fahim Aslam, Habib-ur-Rehman, Noor Muhammad Khan,, American Journal of Water Science and Engineering, Volume-7 (2021), 2021

23 - "Development of Regression-based Hydrologic Model for Estimating Inflows to Tarbela Reservoir" Noor Yaseen, Habib-ur-Rehman, Salik Haroon Abbasi, Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques, Volume-9 (2021), 2021

24 - "Debonding of rubberised fibre-reinforced cement-based repairs under fatigue loading: experimental study and numerical modelling" S. Asad Ali Gillani, Shaban Shahzad, Ahmed Toumi & Anaclet Turatsinze , International Journal of Pavement Engineering (United Kingdom), 2021, 2021

25 - "Strengthening of Un-Reinforced Brick Masonry Walls Using Epoxy Mortar" Rashid Hameed, Saba Mahmood, Muhammad Rizwan Riaz, S. Asad Ali Gillani & Muhammad Tahir, Journal of Applied Engineering Sciences (Romania), 2021, 2021

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