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Students Financial Aid and Career Services Office

Prof. Dr. Akhlaq Ahmad Malik

One of the important functions is to search and develop contacts with the industry and R&D institutes in public and private sectors of the country in order to identify prospective employers, jobs, scholarships and internship training for UET students.

This office acts as a bridge between UET graduates and employers and donor agencies for scholarships, financial assistance, loans etc. The office is committed to provide friendly and efficient services to UET students, graduates, employers and scholarship donor agencies. It provides information to the students with the recent jobs and scholarships available by displaying the information on the UET notice board frequently. Students get to know the different areas where they can grow as engineers and enhance their natural and technical skill which they developed during their stay as students in the University. It frequently arranges visits of the Prospective employers and their discussions with faculty members and students of relevant departments regarding the emerging need and training of the students in the same direction. The office facilitates various organizations in the process of pre-selection of students who are about to complete their studies by arranging tests and interviews of prospecting candidates for placement in the industry. As a result, the office maintains a mailing list of major companies employing engineers who are constantly informed about the graduating classes at proper time.

The office looks after Needy Scholarships and Financial Assistance programme of the University for deserving students. These Scholarships are awarded by either government agencies or other sources both from local and international donors.

Some of the key sources are listed below:

1) P u n j a b E d u c a t i o n E n d o w m e n t F u n d Scholarship. (Govt. of Punjab).
2) ICE QUEST-G.Haider Scholarship, London (For Civil).
3) Omar Aftab Memorial Trust Scholarship, Lahore.
4) Pakistan Engineering Congress Scholarship.
5) Firdous Fazal Trust Scholarship.
6) Dr. M. A. Latif Scholarship.
7) Social Welfare Activities (SWA).
8) Shell Scholarship.
9) Petrolium Institue of Pakistan.(PIP)
10) The Institute of Engineers Pakistan, Saudi Arabian Center (IEP SAC).
11) Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry Scholarship (LCCI).
12) Zong Scholarship.
13) Fauji Foundation Pakistan.
14) Class 49- Golden Jubilee Scholarship, Lahore.
15) Kakyzai Association Pakistan.
16) Pakistan Foundation London (Dr. A, Q. Khan Scholarship, London).
17) Professinal Education Foundation Scholarship. (PEF SCH.), Karachi
18) Gurmani Foundation, Lahore.
19) Bari Khalil Scholarship. UK.
20) M. Ashraf Siddique Scholarship, Lahore.
21) Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited, Rawalpindi.
22) NESPAK Scholarship.
23) Iqbal Begum Scholarship, Lahore (For Civil).
24) Insaf Trust Scholarship, Lahore. (For Civil).
25) Khan I. U Durrani & Begum Hameeda Durrani
Scholarship U.S.A. (Final year).
26) Zubeda Habib Scholarship (For Chemical).
27) Zanib Bashir Scholarship, Lahore.
28) Begum Nasira Kiani Scholarship, Lahore.
29) Babar Ali Foundation, Lahore (girls only).
30) Bano Meraj Charitable Trust Scholarship.
31) Coca Cola Scholarship.
32) Dr. Faiz Scholarship.
33) Pakistan Bait-Ul-Mal. (Govt. of Pakistan).
34) National ICT Scholarship
35) Dr. Hamayoun Mushtaq Scholarship
36) Mora Scholarship