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Senior Wardon Office

The Senior Warden's Office is housed in the Administration Block. The University has ample provisions for hostel accommodation. It has fourteen halls of residence for boys with accommodation for about 2800 students. The three halls (Al-Zohra, Khadeeja and Ayesha) are for girls students having accommodation of 450 students.

The Halls reflect history of the institution through variations in the architectural styles over the last three quarter of a century. Some of the halls are of the preindependence period, inherited from the former Maclagan College of Engineering whereas others are built over a period of half a century since the time of the institution received the Charter as a University in 1961.

For the overall management, all halls are supervised by the Senior Warden along with a male and female warden. However, each hall is looked after directly by a Resident Tutor. Many aspects of the line on halls are managed by the students themselves such as the boarding arrangements. The Halls are provided with common rooms, mess, study room, canteens, prayer room, Internet and other common utilites.

The students are required to abide by the rules and regulation governing residence in the University halls and are encouraged to develop community life
conducive to healthy growth of the social aspect of their personalities.

The names of the halls of residence and phone numbers are as follows:
1. Al-Zohra Hall                                            99250242
2. Khadeeja Hall                                           99029244
3. Ayesha Hall                                               99029291
4. Ali Mardan Hall                                         99250244
5. Allama Iqbal Hall                                       99250236
6. Liaqat Hall                                                 99250235
7. Mahmood Ghaznavi Hall                           99250231
8. Muhammad Bin Qasim Hall                      99250239
9. Mumtaz Hall                                              99250238
(East & West Wing)
10. Quaid-e-Azam Hall                                 99250243
11. Sir Syed hall                                            99250237
12. Umer Hall                                               99250233
13. Usman Hall                                             99250233
14. Zubair Hall                                              99250240
(East & West Wing)
15. New Boys Hostel