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National Library of Engineering Sciences

The central Library of the University has the honor of having been chosen by the Higher Education Commission to serve as the primary resource center for engineering and technical education in Pakistan. As such, it has significantly improved its book holding and it is going through an ambitious program of computerization of its services and operation. Housed in a dedicated three-storey structure, the Library offers peaceful, air-conditioned atmosphere for its members. It is a lending library, and most of its holdings are available to members on loan. The Library holdings can be browsed through an Internet based fully searchable catalogue.

Hardcopy Resources
The Library houses more than 1,10,000 (Including Book Bank), over 22,000 volumes of bound serials, and roughly 600 scattered issues of scientific and technical serials. The balance of these library holdings is somewhat tilted towards engineering and technical subjects. However, there is a reasonable amount of reading material on Humanities, Basic Sciences, Social Sciences and Islamic Studies as well, and as a matter of policy the Library is committed to improve the diversity of its holdings.

Internet and Computing Facilities
As the primary resource center of a technical university, the library is also committed to provide access to electronic media and Internet to its members. At present, the library offers over 60 computers with highspeed dedicated Internet access for use of its members. These computers also provide a dedicated link to HEC Digital Library, Ebrary, McGraw Hill Digital Engineering Library, etc. that provides access to over 18000 e-journals spanning all fields of academic endeavor. There are also active plans to develop Soft- Library to support ongoing research within UET.

Other Facilities
The Library also has dedicated facilities to support scholarly activities within its premises. These include a well-equipped Seminar Hall, Refreshment Room, Conference Room and necessary support services. Other library services include subsidized Scanning, Printing, Photocopying and Binding. The library also operates a Book Bank which lends textbooks to students for a complete academic session on nominal rent.

Current Projects
The Library is in a process of integration with various departmental Libraries on the Lahore Campus. This shall result in a Library System where all Library resources on the campus shall be accessible to all members in a seamless way. Later on Libraries of the UET Campuses shall also be included in this system. Other development project include an RFID based automated and secure Library Management System which is being carried on by KICS.
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