1st Interdepartmental Declamation Competition

In honor of UET’s 100-year anniversary, in the centennial gala we conducted the 1st UET Inter Departmental Declamation Competition. The event consisted of several modules from ranging from CSS and public speaking workshops to speeches on beggary and the all-important declamation contest. The event received an outstanding response from the students at UET, 80+ speakers took part in the competition, delivering outstanding speeches. 

The following speakers delivered the best speeches representing their department and bagged the trophy along with the prize money. The best Urdu Humorous speaker was Ahmed Rana representing the Chemistry department. The best Urdu Serious speaker was Saad Abdullah from Architectural Engineering Department. The best English Serious speaker was Shoaib ul Hassan from IME department. Honorable guests speakers, Anchor person Mr. Rehan Tariq and Abdul Ghaffar Qaisrani's workshops were vital in making this event an absolute success. We are very grateful towards the honorable DSA Asif Ali Qaisar and our advisor Zulfiqar Ali without whom this event would not have been possible. We feel immense pride in the members of our society whose commitment and hard work helped us conduct this event smoothly.

UET Lahore