UET, NAB Seminar on “Corruption & its Ill Effects on Society”

University of Engineering and Technology Lahore in collaboration with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has organized seminar to create awareness amongst the students against corruption and the role of NAB in encountering this menace. Among other attendees were Vice Chancellor UET Prof. Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar, Director NAB Mr. Niaz Hassan, Additional Director NAB Mr. Khalid Mahmood, Deputy Director NAB Mr. Muhammad Sajid, Registrar Muhammad Asif, DSA Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser, PRO Dr. Tanveer Qasim, UET Faculty, staff and large number of students. Addressing the seminar, Mr. Niaz Hassan recalled his memories in UET and advised the students to be proactive to eradicate the menace of corruption. He urged upon the youth to be a custodian of their homes by not letting their parents to live beyond their means.

This, when practiced religiously, will eliminate every reason of corruption. He revealed that till now NAB has recovered 326 billion. He said that each individual will have to pass through process of self-accountability to curb corruption in every sphere of life. “Pakistan is bestowed with abundance of resources. Misuse of these resources, bribery and such practices as well are major hindrances in way of making Pakistan Corruption Free State,” he said. However, Deputy Director NAB Mr. Muhammad Sajid gave a very comprehensive, informative and interactive presentation elaborating what does Islam says regarding corruption, he gave the references of great minds of nation, described corruption and its causes, its impact on society, shed light on role of NAB and discussed essentials for fighting against corruption.

He advised the students to read the NAB Ordinance very carefully to keep themselves updated on this vital legislation for National reconstruction. He said that this would enable them to keep an eye on their surroundings and watch for the people living beyond their means. Afterwards, a very lively and interactive questions and answers session was conducted by Mr. Niaz Hassan. The students asked questions on the working of NAB, judicial process, plea bargaining and effects of conviction on high profile cases. The NAB official replied to the questions within the framework of legislation. They appreciated the interest of the students and quality of their questions on this national issue. At this occasion Vice Chancellor Dr. Mansoor Sarwar said, “in simple words, Misuse of authority for private gain is called corruption and corruption is somr sort of bribery, embezzlement, favoritism, nepotism and Political Interference.” He urged the students to show solidarity with NAB representatives in this kind cause. At the end of seminar, he presented souvenirs to distinguished guests.

Later, a walk was organized to mark the commitment of the youth to fight against corruption.

UET Lahore