Dr. Muhammad Farooq conducted a training session at 7th International Summer School on Low Carbon Technologies in Carbonia, Italy

Dr. Muhammad Farooq, from Mechanical Engineering Department KSK Campus of UET Lahore, was invited by the Sustainable Energy Research Centre Italy (Sotacarbo) at the 7th International summer school on CCUS and low carbon technologies-2019. Dr. Farooq conducted a training session on ‘’Syngas cleaning approaches’- power generation from biomass’’ to the researchers & PhD students from all around the world who came to attend summer school held at the Sotacarbo Auditorium, Grande Miniera di Serbariu, Carbonia (Italy) from 10-14 June 2019. He was the youngest speaker among the 30 International trainers from around the globe invited for the international summer school. The purpose of the summer school was to outline some of the key aspects related to CCUS and their role in mitigation the climate change issues. The school was organized in partnership of IEA Clean Coal Center, The University of Cagliari Italy and CO2GeoNet Europe

Later, Dr. Farooq had interactive sessions regarding the joint future research collaborations with professors from different European Universities including some editors of top-notch Elsevier journals.

Dr. Alberto Pettinau, the Scientific Director of Sotacarbo appreciated the efforts of Dr. Farooq for participating in the summer school. He added that both partners (Sustainable Energy Research Centre Sotacarbo, Italy and Mechanical Engineering Department, KSK Campus UET Lahore, Pakistan) will continue joint research collaboration in the light of the agreement signed in 2018. Dr. Muhammad Farooq also thanked the Prof. Dr. Alessandro Lanza (president Sotacarbo), Dr. Alberto Pettinau and Dr. Stefano Sollai for their extended help and super co-ordination. He presented cultural Pakistani souvenir to Alberto pettinau.

UET Lahore