“Dieses free UET” Launched at UET Lahore

Blood Donors Society (BDS) of UET Lahore organized an event titled “Disease free UET” in campus. In this regard a mini hospital was established.  It was comprised of blood screening, free thalassemia, TB, test, free eye and dental checkups and training session on rescue and first aid for basic life support. Mini hospital continued its activities for one day and medical camps were also setup regarding different complicated diseases.

In this context Career Counseling Office of UET Lahore also organized a seminar on “Rescue/First Aid”.  Mr. Haris Jaleel was the guest speaker. The main purpose of this seminar was to aware the first aid responder to assist in stabilizing an injured or ill person until professional medical help arrives.

While addressing to the participants Mr. Haris Jaleel briefed the audience regarding activities carried out by the Society for Disaster and Health Affairs [SDM&HA] and other student societies in different Universities. He demonstrated on how to deal with different medical emergencies. He urged that co-curricular activities supplement the curricular activities, they are like partners, undertaken side by side and thus frequently needed to be arranged and attended. He encouraged the students to recognize the value of these activities as part of their development.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Director Student Affairs Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Qaiser, Career Counselling Officer Dr. Rabia, Advisor Blood Donors Society Mr. Arif Hussain, Alumni Officer Mr. Zain-ul-Haq, senior faculty members and large number of students attended this event.

The purpose of these events was to encourage people for blood donation and aware them about blood and its diseases. At the event Vice-Chancellor UET Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid acknowledged the efforts of Blood Donors Society on completing the three years of serving the humanity successfully. He said, “Blood donation is blessing for humanity and it gives life to the effected person. In this regard the spirit to serve the humanity increases.” He further said, “This sort of programs always provides an opportunity to get information about blood, its complications and diseases.” He urged youth to get maximum participation in this noble cause to build healthy society. At the end of seminar Mr. Haris Jaleel was presented with a souvenir. 

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