About Library 

The National library of the University plays a vital role in achieving the objectives of the institution like Study & Teaching, Research & Extension Services, and Dissemination of Information etc. It is fully air conditioned having a fine atmosphere conducive to Study & Research. It has seating capacity of about 400 readers at its different floors.

The central Library of the University has the honour of having recently been chosen by the Higher Education Commission to serve as the primary resource center for engineering & technical education in Pakistan. Hence it has been named as “ National Library of Engineering Sciences” moreover, it has significantly improved its book holding and it is going through an ambitious program of computerization of its services and operation. Housed in a dedicated three-storey structure, the Library offers peaceful, air-conditioned atmosphere for its members. It is a lending library and most of its holdings are available to members on loan. The library holdings can be browsed through an Internet based fully searchable catalogue.

Mission and Objectives
The mission of Central library, UET Lahore is the provision of optimum facilitation to its users and research scholars in support of the objective and goals of the university.
  • To act as facilitator for the provision of most up to date education, training, research and extension activities for human resource development.
  • To act as an active part of Higher Education System of the University through effective acquisition and dissemination of latest knowledge/information to its undergraduate and postgraduate students, Faculty, staff and to the entire Engineering and research sector.
  • To uplift the standard of the library and its services through internal and external sources.

Library Collection

The library has more than 80,000 volumes of books, 22,000 volumes of bound serials and more than 600 scattered issues of scientific and technical serials on diverse fields. Besides Engineering Subjects, considerable reading materials on Basic Sciences, Social Science, Literature and Islamic Studies are also available. Most of the collection covers Pure Science, Applied Sciences & Technology.