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Mix Design


"Mix design" is a process of determining the optimum mixture of component materials in HMA. The Superpave mix design system is a comprehensive method of designing paving mixes tailored to the unique performance requirements dictated by the traffic, environment (climate), and structural section at a particular pavement site.

Superpave Gyratory Compactor.

The Superpave Gyratory Compactor (SGC) is used to prepare HMA samples (100mm and 150mm) for Superpave mix design testing. It prepares a HMA sample using a compaction effort intended to simulate the effects of field compaction. This way, relatively small, inexpensive samples intended to simulate actual HMA field conditions can be used to test potential mix designs and select the most appropriate one.

Applicable Test:

AASHTO T 312: Preparing and Determining the Density of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) Specimens by Means of the Superpave Gyratory Compactor.

Asphalt Coring Machine

Portable core drilling machine is used for drilling core of 4” and 6” diameter. Versatile Model offers flexibility to adapt to a full range of drilling jobs in addition to pavement coring

Applicable Test:

    • AASHTO T24    
    • ASTM C 42 

Asphalt Sawing Machine

Heavy duty masonry sawing machine is used for cutting and sample preparation of asphalt mix.  Heavy Duty Model takes 14” blades for up to 8" cut depth. It works with double V-belt drives, high-torque motors, and submersible water pumps to permit wet cutting



Universal Testing Machine (UTM)

Tests used to predict performance of HMA. These tests can be used as part of Superpave mix design, quality control or forensic analysis.

Most can be done on either laboratory prepared samples or field samples. It can perform a range of tests on either bound or unbound pavement construction materials.

  • Resilient Modulus
  • Dynamic Loading
  • Permanent Deformation
  • Indirect Tensile Test

UTM can perform a range of standard tests. These include: ASTM D4123, ASTM D3497, AASHTO T294/SHRP P46, SHRP M009, BS 598, AS 2891.12.1, AS 2891.13.1 and AS 1289.6.8.1.