Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid ( Associate Professor )

Muhammad Imran Rashid has extensive experience of Industry, Research and Teaching. Muhammad Imran Rashid was born in Toba Tek Singh on 10th January, 1984. He has only Pakistan nationality. He obtained B.Sc. Chemical Engineering degree from Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (I.C.E.T), Punjab University Lahore, Pakistan in 2008 with distinction. Then he served in Dawood Hercules Chemicals (Fertilizer) Limited as a Unit Shift Engineer (USE), Urea unit for four years. In this fertilizer industry he obtained training on ammonia, urea and utility units and various other services. During job, Imran Simultaneously also managed to obtain M.Sc Chemical Engineering degree from University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. Imran started lectureship in COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Chemical Engineering Department on September 2012.

On 13th January, 2013 Imran joined Chemical, Polymer and Composite Material Engineering Department, UET, Lahore (KSK Campus) as a lecturer. After serving here for one and half year, and obtaining study leave, he travelled to Australia, The University of Newcastle (UoN), Australia to earn his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. He worked in UoN for four years with NSW Government, Mineral Carbonation International and Orica Limited. He helped in building/construction and operation of world First Pilot Plant in mineral carbonation.After his Ph.D., he returned Pakistan and resumed his duties as an Assistant Professor in Chemical, Polymer and Composite Material Engineering Department.Please refer to Google Scholar, ResearchGate, ORCID, Linkdin , Loop or UET faculty website for his publications.Dr. Imran is promoted to Associate Professor in 2021.Department of Chemical,Polymer and Composite Materials Engineering arranged an International conference (Virtual),Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science,9th June, 2021.Dr. Imran served as Technical Review Committee member and compiled Book of Abstracts and was Co-Chair of a session.He was involved in overall arrangements.    


Muhammad Imran Rashid is Invited and Registered Reviewer of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, and Technical Journal UET, Taxila.Muhammad Imran Rashid has reviewed articles for Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, Energy,Sustainability and Society, International Journal of Research in Environmental Studies, International Journal of Geology and Mining,Current Journal of Applied Science and Technology,Journal of Engineering Research and Reports,Technical Journal UET Taxila, Pakistan Journals of Scientifc and Industrial Research,Frontiers in Energy Research, Non-Metallic Material Science,Advances in Environmental and Engineering Research,Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension,Economics & Sociology, Energies, Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology.

ALHAMDULILAH, in early 2019, Muhammad Imran Rashid has been selected as an Editorial Board Member of “Non-Metallic Material Science” journal published by Bilingual Publishing CO (Singapore).In 2019, Muhammad Imran Rashid has been also selected as an Editorial Board Member of another prestigious journal, "Research and Application of Materials Science" published by Viser Technology.Dr.Imran is also on Editorial Board of Frontiers in Energy Research serving as Review Editor for Carbon Capture,Storage and Utilization section.Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid has joined Editorial Board of Earth Sciences (EARTH),Science Publishing Group.Dr. Imran has received Editorial Board Member invitation from other journal too.

Latest Qualification : Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • Gas Engineering
  • Chemical Process Industries-1
  • Chemical Process Industries-2
  • Fluid Flow Operations
  • Clean Coal Technologies
  • Industrial Power Generation Technology
  • Heat Transfer Operations
  • Health Safety and Environment
  • Process Plant Utilities
  • Industrial Safety Fundamentals
  • Hazard Identification and Evaluation
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology
  • Health and Safety at Workplace
  • Industrial Toxicology

Research Interest

  • Process Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Carbon sequestration using mineral carbonation
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Energy and Environment
  • Clean Coal Technologies
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Dr. Muhammad Imran Rashid
Associate Professor

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