Prof. Dr. Shahid Imran ( Professor )

Dr. Shahid Imran completed in degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore in 2003. He worked in different industtries for four years before joining his almamater as a lab engineer in 2007.   He completed his post graduate diploma in Mechanical Design from U.E.T Lahore in 2007. In 2009, Dr.Imran did his Masters (Sustainable Energy Systems) and his PhD, in 2013, from Queen Mary University of London.  After completing his PhD he joined U.E.T. as Assistant Professor in 2013 and was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in June 2015. Dr. Imran served as chair of the department before heading to the United States on a very prestigeous Fulbright Fellowship. He has authored number of publications in different journals of contemporary relevance. He became Professor in 2019 and is presently seving as head of the department. 

Latest Qualification : PhD

Teaching Courses

  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Power Plants
  • Energy Statistics and Frorecasting
  • Thermodynamics
  • Design & Management of Energy Systems
  • Production Management
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship

Research Interest

  • Sustainable Fuels for Power Production and Transportation
  • Energy Sustainability and Framework Development
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship and Lean Startups
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Prof. Dr. Shahid Imran

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