Muhammad Mansoor Iqbal ( Assistant Professor )


Mr. Mansoor has been actively involved in full time Mining Engineering related teaching and research at the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He remained associated in the conduct of field training programs/internships and field survey camps of the undergraduate classes of the Department from 2000 to 2013 and an active focal person for external linkages with the industry from 1999 to 2013. In his previous job, Mr. Mansoor has served the Government of Punjab in the Directorate of Industries and Mineral Development Department, Lahore [now the Directorate of Mines & Minerals, Punjab, Lahore] in the capacity of Assistant Director/Section Officer (Mineral Development). His work was aimed at scrutiny/evaluation and preparation of plans and policies for prospecting / development of the mineral resources, monitoring and implementation of such plans as well as         on-the-site assistance to the mine operators regarding appropriate working techniques, trouble shooting and mineral production management, etc. He also assisted the Secretary to Government of the Punjab, Industries and Mineral Development Department, Lahore for the disposal of Appeals/ Revision Petitions under the Punjab Mining Concession Rules. His responsibilities also included correspondence/coordination with the Provincial and Federal Line Government & Semi Government Departments. He also worked as a Purchase Officer in the Industries and Mineral Development Department, Lahore for sometime and was responsible for the procurement and purchase of Printing Paper and Machinery for the Government Printing Press, Punjab, Lahore. Mr. Mansoor is a member of different professional and academic bodies and is author of research papers as well. In addition to his expertise in Mineral Development, Regulation and Management, he has a broad background in Mining, Mineral Processing, Rock Slope Engineering and Rock fragmentation.


Latest Qualification : M.Sc Engg

Teaching Courses

  • Mineral Processing
  • Mine Power, Drainage and Material Handling
  • Advanced Mineral Processing
  • Coal Preparation
  • Environmental Aspects of Mining
  • Mining Law

Research Interest

  • Mineral Processing
  • Experimental Rock Mechanics
  • Slope Stability
  • Improvement of Rock fragmentation
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Muhammad Mansoor Iqbal
Assistant Professor

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