Dr. Usman Ali ( Assistant Professor )

Dr. Usman Ali, currently working as assistant professor of Chemical Engineering at University of Engineering and technology, Lahore Pakistan received his doctoral degree from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, in 2017. His work was on modelling and simulation of CO2 capture system for novel configurations of conventional power generation systems. He is the recipient of the "Faculty Development Scholarship Award" for 2012 for higher education.

Earlier he completed his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan, in 2012 with research work on computational fluid dynamics of a gasifier. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from same university in 2009. He was awarded with multiple merit scholarships and earned Honours during his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. Apart from academic activities, he is also the coordinator of Departmental Quality Enhancement Cell.

Carbon capture, process modelling, and simulation and power plant engineering are his major areas of interest. Over the span of years, he supervised numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students and his work is published in various reputed international journals. He also participated at several international and national conferences. His other research interests include carbon profiling, auditing and management, biomass and conventional fuels, combustion, and gasification.

Latest Qualification : Ph.D

Teaching Courses

  • ChE-421 Gas Engineering
  • ChE-306 Chemical Reactor Design
  • ChE-534 Coal Technologies
  • ChE-533 Oil and Natural Gas Energy
  • ChE-502 Transport Processes
  • ChE-309 Chemical Engineering Economics
  • ChE-205 Energy Engineering
  • ChE-201 Industrial Stoichiometry II
  • ChE-101 Particle Technology
  • ChE-402 Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer

Research Interest

  • Carbon Capture
  • Process Simulation
  • Power Plant Engineering
  • Carbon Profiling, Auditing and Management
  • Biomass and Conventional Fuels
  • Combustion and Gasification
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Dr. Usman Ali
Assistant Professor

[email protected]
+92(0) 314 422 100
Chemical Engineering Department, UET, Lahore