Ansar Javaid ( Lecturer )

Knowledge is the power” has always been a motivating force behind all the accomplishments in my life. From the beginning, I had a lot of interest in my studies. Upon my interest, I started school at the very low age of 4. I started my school at NFC IET Multan, in chemical Engineering and completed my undergraduate studies in 2015. I lead my group members in my undergraduate project which was “Production of biodiesel from waste frying oil”. With the desire to get more knowledge I enrolled myself in the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore; one of the most prestigious institute in Pakistan. I completed my MS Chemical Engineering in 2018. In my master's, I worked on the “characterization of bones of different animals used as a heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel production”.Currently, I am working as a Lecturer at the University of Engineering and Technology Lahore (New campus).

Latest Qualification : M.Sc. Chemical Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Energy Engineering
  • Food Technology
  • Waste Water Treatment Technology
  • Basic Thermodynamics

Research Interest

  • Hetrogeneous Catalyst,EOR
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Ansar Javaid

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