Engr. Abdul Mannan Zafar ( Lecturer )

Mr. Abdul Mannan Zafar has obtained B.Sc in Environmental Engineering from Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research, UET Lahore. After completing undergraduation, he seeked his Masters from Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. He specialized in Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering in masters. During his Master's degree, he was offered to work in a world leading research center, where he conducted research on Stratospheric Ozone Depletion: Analysis of heterogeneous chemistry in the Antarctic. He produced 2 international publication out of his master thesis. His first article is published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Impact Factor = 5.509) and second paper is published in Tellus B (Impact Factor = 2.013)

In UET, he is offering Environmental Engineering covering the topics of water supply and sewerage to civil engineering students. He also offers courses to City and Regional Planning department, where he teaches introduction to environmental engineering. Environmental Impact Assessment to Transportation Engineering. Environmental Modeling in Institute of Environmental Engineering and Research department. His research interests are in water quality modeling, numerical methods, atmospheric science and groundwater hydrology. 

Latest Qualification : MSc. Environmental Engineering

Teaching Courses

  • Environmental Engineering - I (Civil)
  • Environmental Engineering - II (Civil)
  • Environmental Engineering (CRP)
  • EnE-440 Environmental Engineering (Civil)
  • EnE-409 Environmental Modeling
  • EnE-407 EIA (Transportation Engg.)

Research Interest

  • Water Quality modeling
  • Groundwater hydrology
  • Numerical methods in Environmental Engineering
  • Atmospheric Science
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Engr. Abdul Mannan Zafar

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