Communication Systems and Telecommunication (CS&T)

The basic objective of the laboratory is to teach our students how to design, simulate and analyze a communications system according to specific requirements.

CS&T facility provides laboratory space for two undergraduate courses - Communication Systems and Digital Communications.

In the former, the students design and build their own communication systems. A modular approach is adopted wherein students are asked to design basic communication modules as term projects. The design philosophy consists of four steps: (a) simulating the various blocks using Matlab, (b) developing the associated hardware, (c) testing the performance of the entire system using the equipment available in the laboratory and (d) validating the performance of the hardware against available theoretical results. A comprehensive list of experiments has also been developed with an aim to familiarize the students with basic laboratory equipment and practical techniques required in the analysis and design of a communications system.

In the latter, in order to familiarize the students with system design, emphasis is on the design-simulate-analyze cycle of a general digital communications system and use of advanced techniques such as GSM, CDMA, SDH and WiMAX in these systems. Herein, the list contains a mixture of hardware and simulation based experiments designed to meet the course objectives.

The students are encouraged to interact with the ZTE-UET Telecommunication Centre wherein they get the opportunity to analyze different communication systems. The CS&T laboratory also provides additional trainings and in-depth analysis to interested students in the form of internships, special laboratory sessions, special lectures and short courses on important software and hardware tools.

CS&T facility is equipped with state of the art equipment that inculcates basic and advance concepts of modern communication systems in our students. The facility also collaborates with the local industry and has the available tools to test and analyze their communication products.

CS&T laboratory provides excellent opportunities to those interested in research. Many students take advantage of these facilities for their senior year projects and graduate research work. The facility has a dedicated room for serious researchers with cutting edge computing facilities and advanced software tools. Different research projects are currently being carried out by the students in collaboration with the faculty members.