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Undergraduate Program

Degrees Offered
» Bachelors degree course in Transportation Engineering
Bachelors degree course in Transportation Engineering

The bachelor’s degree course emphasis on the understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles those constitute the basis of transportation engineering. The course consists of lectures, design/practical work, laboratory/field investigations, presentations and final year research project. Field survey camp is also a part of the B.Sc. degree program. The general areas include: Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Computer Programming, Probability and Statistics, Basic Civil and Environmental Engineering. The major core courses offered are: Construction Materials and Machinery, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Planning, Transportation Engineering, Management and Practice, Transportation Economics, Multi-Modal Logistics, Transportation Modal Engineering, Highway Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Safety, Railway Engineering, Airport Engineering, Harbour and Dock Engineering, Pavement Design and Construction, Construction Management and Planning, Transportation Asset Management, GIS in Transportation Engineering.