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Technical Societies 

Electronics Club

Electronics Club is a society working under Electrical Engineering Department UET Lahore. The main purpose of this Club is to get students familiar with the practical aspects of Electrical Engineering, provide them a platform for the exhibition of their talent, sponsor them in their projects and assisting them in their technical problems.
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The IET UET Student Chapter is a highly purposeful organization providing the electrical engineers with an exclusive platform for getting hands-on experience and ideas.
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The branch has a mission- Be the change you want to be to your society. The IEEE UET Student Branch envision such a vibrant organization of students which can provide students excellent opportunities of leadership, professional development and technical skills which can enable the young professionals play a healthy role in the development of society.
The student branch is committed to provide excellent opportunities of professional development for the students of UET to help grow their technical and professional skills. That is to say, that apart from gaining the usual technological knowledge, the branch aims to give special consideration to the professional nourishment of the members and to enable them play a vital role in developing the institute and then in the society in their professional life.
Since its revival in 2007-08, and even since IEEE UET was established (in 1982, be Dr. R. E. Larson, the then President of IEEE), IEEE UET tried to focus on imparting Technical as well as soft skills among the students. A series of workshops and trainings have been arranged in the process to help students of UET and especially EE dept. to nourish their technical skills and to be aware of the new fields and directions that they could adopt in their future. Through IEEE's international membership, students also got a chance to interact with world of knowledge and technology, and it is still helping students. Along with our efforts to enhancing technical skills, IEEE UET also gave importance to increasing the professional skills. Carrying on this effort IEEE UET arranged SPAC (Students Professional Awareness Conference) that entirely focused on professional grooming, social awareness, market trends, importance of higher studies and communication skills. IEEE UET is still working on the same agenda and trying hard to facilitate students as both technically and professionally as much as possible.