Department of Mechanical Engineering NWL

technical societies


Technical Societies

Societies/ Clubs

The students chapters of the following societies are actively operating in the department:

  1. American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  2. American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ASHRE)

Seminars and contest are regularly organized on the platforms of these society

Research Activities

There are two research centers in the department:

  1. Automotive Engineering Center
  2. Energy Technologies Development Center

Automotive Engineering Center

It is established to contribute to the automotive engineering field through research and innovation. Wide variety of R&D facilities are available at the center to support educational and industrial requirement. Such as:

  • Emission Testing
  • Engine Performance Testing
  • Computational and Analytical Analysis
  • Automotive Design Optimization

Following research projects are in progress in the center:

  • Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engines
  • Comparative Engine Performance Analysis with different fuels
  • Noise and Pollution Control in small Petrol Engines

Energy Technologies Development Center

This is jointly run by Mechanical Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department and Chemistry Department. There are Seven Labs in the Center. Currently, work is being done about solar energy and wind turbines (vertical axis).

List of Lab Director and Incharge

S. No.





Power Plants Prof. Dr. Hameed Ullah Mughal Dr. M. Mahmmod Aslam Bhutta


Mechanics of Machine Dr. Nasir Hayat Mr. Saad Nazir


Mechanics of Materials Dr. Nasir Hayat Mr. Syed Saqib


Thermodynamics Prof. Dr. Younis Jamal Mr. Abdul Rauf Mirza


CAD –I Prof. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Ch Mr. E. M. Shahid


FEA Lab-II Prof. Dr. Ijaz Ahmad Ch Mr. E. M. Shahid


Fluid Mechanics Prof. Dr. Fiaz Hussain Shah Mr. Asif Aslam


Air Conditioning Prof. Dr. Fiaz Hussain Shah Mr. Shabbir Hussain


Heat Transfer Prof. Dr. Fiaz Hussain Shah Mr. Kashif Tariq


Stress Analysis and Engineering Mechanics Prof. Dr. Fiaz Hussain Shah Mr. Rashid Sajid


Instrumentation and Control Prof. Dr. Younis Jamal Mr. Rashid Sajid