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Mechatronics Club

Mechatronics club provides lab-like supplementary and schedule-friendly workplace that students can flexibly leverage to work on their projects and hone their technical skills. It is run by a student-body under supervision of a faculty member. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment. Its mission is to foster technological innovation and develop necessary skills of Mechatronics Engineers by providing them quality mechanical & electronic design-and-fabrication facility. A number of workshops and tutorials are regularly arranged every year. 


Mechatronics & Control Engineering department has been hosting UET Tech Week, a week dedicated to majorly robotic competition and workshops, since 2012. The competition enables the students to develop ingenious mechanical and electrical designs for robots and help them to implement various planning algorithms and control systems. It’s a challenging robotics competition of UET. The event basically comprises of multiple events with the main theme of “Line Navigation Robot Competition (LNR-Robocom)”. The event encourages students from all over Pakistan to research and apply their findings to practice for useful and valuable purposes. It’s a great opportunity for the students to exhibit their innovative projects and challenge other competitors.
The Robocom competition requires the participants to develop robots for the desired task. It helps the students to interface various sensors with the hardware. The data acquired by the sensors is sent to the microcontroller that processes the data and generates output according to the algorithm. The generated output is then sent to actuators for the desired results. In this way, students learn to apply important features of their class room learning that includes optimal mechanical design of the mobile robot, environment sensing like line tracking and object sensing using sensors and implementation of effective control architecture using microcontrollers that ultimately leads them to improve their technical abilities.

With the passage of time, competition is gaining popularity. The quality and complexity of the competition in also improved over the years and basic educational objective is achieved. Cash prizes and certificates are also awarded to the participants of the competition.
Apart from Robocom, several workshops are also organized in this Tech Week, ranging from Entrepreneurship Challenges to Robot design workshops.