Department of Civil Engineering




The department has adequate research facilities for the postgraduate students and the faculty. Priority of the department has been given towards solution of different problems faced by the public/private sectors in the field of civil engineering in the county.
The faculty members are engaged in a variety of research programmes such as low cost housing, use of indigenous materials, soil stability, pneumatic techniques, seepage, control of water logging and salinity, sedimentation in channels and reservoir, river flood hydraulics, treatment of industrial waste and development of computer software for civil engineering problem.
The department has several research laboratories and research centers where conducive environment is provided for the research students.

Presently, about 75 students are busy in their M.Sc. research and about 17 Ph.D scholars are working on their Ph.D. research projects. In the department, there are three main divisions given here, research topics are attached with each of the groups

Research Groups
Sr. No Name
1 Structural Engineering Group
2 Hydraulic & Irrigation Engineering Group
3 Geotechnical Engineering Group

The Department organizes seminars, workshops, national and international conferences on the topics of national, international importance related to civil engineering, where the faculty and the students actively participate.