Department of Textile Engineering (FSD Campus)



Textile Sustainability Research Group
Group Leader;   Dr. Muhammad Mohsin
Active group members;

  • Dr. Shaheen Sardar
  • Dr. Aamer Abbas Khan
  • Dr. Usama Bin Humayoun
  • Dr. Haji Ghulam Qutab
  • Dr. Qamar Tusief
  • Dr. Farhan
  • Eng. Rabia Ehtesham (PhD Scholar)
  • Mr. Zahid Hussain (PhD Scholar)
  • Eng. Nasir Sarwar (PhD Scholar)
  • Eng. Khurram Shehzad Akhtar (PhD Scholar)
  • Eng. Wardah Anam (PhD Scholar)
  • Mr. Umair (PhD Scholar)
  • Eng. Sidra Ghaffar
  • Eng. M. Ahsan Zaheer Mir
  • Eng. Kanza Hina
  • Mr. Shehbaz
  • Eng. Abrar

PhD produced:
Dr. Haji Ghulam Qutab (PhD Scholar)
Dr. Farhan
Dr. Qamar Tusief
More than 13 MS are produced:
Impact Factor Journal Papers = 77
Patents (granted and/ applied) = 7
International conference papers = 34
International book chapters = 6
Active research is being carried out in the sustainability research group on various areas of sustainable textile which include new fiber development, new fabric development, new garment development, new textile specialty chemical development, new machine development, new process development and value addition. Department also won the only prize for Textile Processing Technologies at the 6th and 7th Invention to Innovation Summit 2017 & 2018. Department is annually organizing following three mega events of textile since 2018, which is the biggest gathering of textile industry and university representatives on textile sustainability in Pakistan.
1. International conference on sustainable textile,
2. SDC-UK Pakistan chapter textile student competition,
3. Top Pakistani textile brands exhibition
Certain ongoing projects at the department and with the industry and research institutes are;

  • Development of energy and water efficient textile bleaching system with the support of HEC-TDF and Interloop (19 million project) (Technology is licensed to Interloop)
  • Water and energy efficient foam processing- Dyeing & Finishing
  • Productivity improvement of the textile industry
  • Sustainable process (water, energy & chemical efficient) development
  • New machine/attachment development for improved and sustainable process
  • Improving the existing textile industry process
  • Sustainability (ZDHC etc) awareness, mill system development and training for industry
  • Recycling of textile wastes into carbon black
  • Sustainable natural dyeing without toxic mordant
  • Textile process optimization for organic cotton and better cotton
  • Development of water less dyeing and finishing of textile machinery and process
  • Eco friendly, sustainable & halogen free fire retardants for textile
  • Sustainable and durable oil & water repellent for textile
  • Nontoxic fire retardant development
  • Sustainable, water and energy efficient nano bubble dyeing and finishing (Liquor ratio 1:1)
  • Eco friendly Mosquito repellent finishing for textile 
  • Environment friendly digital printing
  • Waste water treatment by sustainable wet land method 
  • Development of bio resin for textile
  • Development of novel dyeing process
  • Synthesis and applications of carbon materials from textiles and plastic waste in energy devices, microelectronics and composites
  • Synthesis of novel nano materials for application in smart textiles, electronics and composites.
  • Efficient synthesis of fluorescent materials

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