Department of Mining Engineering

Department Lab Facilities


 Departmental Labs

Sr. No    Name
1    Mineral Dressing
2    Mine Surveying
3    Rock Mechanics
4    Mine Ventilation
5    Mineralogy
6    Petrology
7    Structural Geology
8    Mine Rescue & Safety
9    Geological Exploration
10    Drilling & Blasting

Other facilities include a good departmental library, a computer centre for postgraduate research, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and XRF for chemical analysis lab, a modern Total Survey Station and a 200 ton Universal testing machine. A number of faculty research projects were undertaken by the department in the recent past, a few of them are given below:-
Sr. No    Name
1    Indus Heavy Sands Beneficiation
2    Beneficiation Studies of Chromite Ores of Pakistan
3    Beneficiation Studies of Chromite Ores of Pakistan
4    Beneficiation Studies of Chromite Ores of Pakistan
5    Geological Studies of the Salt Range Rock Deposits
6    Up-gradation of Pakistani Graphite Ores
7    Washability Studies of Mianwali Silica Sand
8    Construction of Mines Design Models for laboratory demonstration
9    Determination of Mechanical and Physical properties of rocks
10    Drilling & Blasting