Department of Computer Science RCET


 The Computer Science and Information Technology are  revolutionizing the world and are essential for the growth and development of the  country.  It is affecting the way we  work, the way we transact, the way we meet to our ends and the way we live. Effect  of CS and IT influence on our daily life is imminent and world around us is  converging into ubiquitous computing world in speed. The world is a global  village; it is only due to the rapid growth of Computers and Information Technology  that our life becoming pervasive with the effects of digital age. In today’s  information age, the knowledge of computer is the must. We use computers in our  lives; anybody who wants to succeed in contemporary world cannot afford to  ignore the computer and communication technologies which can be further  utilized to improve the quality of education and research. Our society has  become so dependent on computers that we cannot survive without them. Also they  are great tools for improving the human productivity. The department has the  aim to play an important role to fulfill the demand of skilled IT professionals  in Gujranwala-Sialkot industrial region in particular and in rest of Pakistan  in general. The graduates are already serving in various esteemed institutions  across the country and abroad and many of them are pursuing their postgraduate  studies in various well-regarded universities.