Dr. Aziz Akbar
Cell: 0300 4367709
042-9029334, 042-6823806
Office: 042-9029258
Email: [email protected]
Degree Name of Institution Specialization Year
PhD University of Newcastle, UK Geotechnical Engg 2001
M.Phil AIT, Bangkok, Thailand Geotechnical Engg 1987
Graduation(B.A/B.Sc) UET Lahore Civil Engineering 1983

1 Geotechnnical Engineering-I
2 Geotechnnical Engineering-II
3 Pavements and Foundations
4 Foundation Engineering-I  
5 Foundation Engineering-II
6 Geometric Design and Highway Safety
7 Pavement Design and Soil Stabilization
8 Geotechnical Investigations  
Research Interests
1 In-situ Soil Testing including Dilatometer, Piezocone and Pressuremeter, Data Analysis and Interpretation
2 Laboratory Testing using Conventional and Digital Machines
3 Geotechnical Investigation Reports Preparation
4 Slope Stability Analysis using Geo-Slope software
5 Design of Anchors
Selected Publications, Patents
Title of the Paper Journal/Country Vol / Year
A Comparative Study of Pile-Anchor Support System for Deep Excavations in Lahore  Int. Conference on Geotechnical Engg. (ICGE-2010) Lahore-Pakistan   November 5-6, 2010
Development and Applications of Akbar Pressuremeter Int. Conference on Geotechnical Engg. (ICGE-2010) Lahore-Pakistan November 5-6, 2010
Characterization of a Cohesive Soil Bed Using Cone Pressuremeter Accepted for publication in Soils and Foundations Journal, Japan, 2010 2011
Development of a New Cone pressuremeter Mehran University Research Journal of Engineering and Technology Volume 29, No. 2, April 2010, 
Characterization of an Artificially Prepared Cohesive Soil Bed Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Volume 6, January 2010, 
Shaft Friction of Bored Piles in Sand 17th ICSMGE,  Alexandria, Egypt. 5-9 October 2009,
Shaft Friction of Bored Piles in Hard Clay Pakistan Journal of Engg & Applied Sciences,  UET, Lahore Vol. 3, July 2008,
Site Characterization Using CPT, DMT, SPT and Laboratory Testing Results The 3rd International Conference on Site Characterization  Taipei April 1-4, 2008,
Shallow Foundations On Fill – A Case Study 13th Asian Regional Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engg. (13ARC),  Kolkata, India. December 2007,
Characterization of a Cohesive Soil Test Bed Using Akbar Newcastle Dilatometer 13th Asian Regional Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engg. (13ARC), December 2007, Kolkata, India. December 2007,
Foundation Practices in Earthquake Prone Areas Int. Conf. & Expo. on Safe and Quality Buildings in Asia – Review of Practices,  Lahore March 28-29, 2006,
Foundation Practices in Earthquake Prone Areas Int. Conf. & Expo. on Safe and Quality Buildings in Asia – Review of Practices,  Lahore March 28-29, 2006,
The Newcastle Dilatometer Testing in Pakistani Sandy Subsoils 2nd International Conference on the Flat Dilatometer,  Washington, D.C. April 2-5, 2006,
Geotechnical Aspects of October 08, 2005 Pakistan Earthquake Earthquake Rehabilitation Conference: Seismology, Structures and Codes  NWFP University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar November 18-19, 2005,
A simple Robust Pressuremeter to Test Glacial Till ISP-5 Pressio Conference, Paris  Sept. 2005
Important Engineering Geological Features of Bunji Hydropower Project First National Seminar on ‘Geotechnical Aspects of Hydropower Projects’ UET Lahore  February 26, 2005. 
The Newcastle Dilatometer Testing in Lahore Cohesive Soils. 16th ICSMGE,  Osaka, Japan. September 12-16, 2005,
Evaluation of Soft Ground Using the Newcastle Dilatometer IS-Osaka 2004,  Japanese Geotechnical Society - Japan June 2-4, 2004,
Problematic Soils in Pakistan 2nd International Seminar on Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering,  Semarang, Central Java - Indonesia 24-26 Feb. 2004
Effect of Test Procedure on Shear Strength Obtained Using the Newcastle Dilatometer Pakistan Engineering Congress, 69th Annual Session, 2001-2004  
A Simple Full-Displacement Cone Pressuremeter 12th Asian Regional Conf. on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engg. (12ARC),  Singapore. 4-8 August 2003,
A New Robust Device for the Identification of Potential Slip Surfaces 3rd Int. Conf. On Land Slides, Slope Stability and the Safety of Infra Structures,  Singapore. July 11-12, 2002,
Expansive Soils in Pakistan – Case Histories Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences (JEAS), UET Peshawar,  Vol. 21, 2002.
In-situ Pore Pressure Measurement Using the Newcastle Research Dilatometer Engineering University, Lahore Research Journal,  Vol. 13, No.1, July 2001-June 2002.
Comparison of Soil Properties Obtained from Various Sources Engineering University, Lahore Research Journal,  Vol. 13, No.1 , July 2001-June 2002.
Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics Text Book, 1996  
Development of Low Cost In-situ Testing Devices. Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Newcastle, UK (2001) 2001
A Flat Dilatometer to Operate in Glacial Tills Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM,  March 2001, Volume 24, No.1.
Low Cost In-situ Testing for High Quality Parameters. 6th BGS Young Geotechnical Engineer’s Symposium, City University, London,  12-14, April 2000.
Development of Low Cost In-situ Testing Devices. 5th BGS Young Geotechnical Engineer’s Conference, Newcastle University, UK,  30th March-1st April 1998.
CPT-SPT Relationship for Typical Soils of Lahore. Engineering University, Lahore Research Journal. , pp 201-209 Vol. 8 No.1, January-June, 1994
Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Cohesionless Soils-State of the Art. Engineering University, Lahore Research Journal,  Vol. 11, No.1, January 1998-December 1999.
Foundations for Walled City of Lahore-Review and Suggestions Engineering University, Lahore Research Journal,  Vol. 7, No. 2, July-December, 1993.
Experience of Dynamic Precompression Treatment (DPT) in the Middle East. 4th National Conf. by PNSSMFE, Lahore,  January 18-19, 1993.
Estimation of In-situ Stresses by Stepped Blade 11th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference Singapore,  4-8 May, 1993.
Consolidation Characteristics of Soft and Medium Clays in Samut Prakarn Area. M. Engg. Thesis, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand Apr-87
  • Supervision and geotechnical report preparation of a number of projects during service with NESPAK; the main being:
  • Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Project (CHASNUPP) at Kundian
  • Small irrigation schemes in Baluchistan province
  • Construction supervision of slurry trench in Coffer Dam for units 11-14 at Tarbela Power Station
  • 500 KV T/Line Tarbela-Jamshoro
  • Geotechnical investigation report preparation of a number of projects during service with UET; the main being:
  • Modernization and Expansion of Pak-American Fertilizers Ltd. at Daud Khel, Iskanderabad, Distt. Mianwali.
  • Design of Foundations for Bridges/Flyovers on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.
  • Plate Load Tests - Siemens Pakistan Engineering Co. Ltd (SPECL) 220/132 kV GIS Substation Islamabad University.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Silos and Centrifuge Machines at Green Field Plant, Khurrianwala-Jaranwala Road, Faisalabad.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for 50,000 Gallons Overhead Water Reservoir at Pakistan Mint, Lahore.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Half Million Gallons OHWR at Chuna Mandi, Lahore.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Boys Intercollege, Raiwind. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Regional Institute Building, Township, Lahore. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for 500 kV Substation Extension at Gatti Grid Station, Faisalabad.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for PASSCO Office Building, Lahore. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for High Court Building, Multan. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for PIA Sales Office Building, Sialkot.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Tehsil Building, Chunian.
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Installation of Weighbridge at Mehmood Booti Landfill Site, Lahore. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for the Construction of Building No.3 Markazi Jamia Naushahiya Kashmir Colony, Jhelum. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Convocation Hall, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Extension of Chemical Engineering Department, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report Preparation for 130 MW Saba Power Plant, Farooqabad. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report Preparation PICIC office Building, Lahore 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report Preparation for WADPA New Central Repair Workshop at Nishatabad, Faisalabad. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report for Shah Jiwana Bridge over River Chenab, near Jhang City. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation for Up-gradation of Rural Health Centre into 40-bedded Tehsil Head Quarter Hospital at Nowshera Virkan, District Gujranwala. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report preparation for 220 kV Secondary Transmission line Jamshoro-Hyderabad.
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report preparation for 220 kV Secondary Transmission line Bannu – Daud Khel. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report preparation for 220/132 kV Shahibagh Grid-station, Peshawar, Pakistan. (May, 2003)
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report Preparation for the construction of pile foundation for bridge over Fordwah Canal, Dist: Bahawal Nagar. (September, 2003) 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report Preparation for Sedimentation Tank for Cornwala Plant, Shah Kot Road, Jaranwala 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report for Bab-e-Pakistan, Walton Road, Lahore, January 2005. 
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report for New Grey Cement Plant at Kohat, August 2005 including conducting and report writing of four pile load tests.
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report for LDA Commercial Plaza, Jail Road, Lahore (2006)
  • Sialkot – Lahore Motorway Ground Stabilization Using Tensar Biaxial Geogrid (2007).
  • Gotechnical Investigation Report for Syed Wala Bridge on River Ravi (2008).
  • Worked as Senior Design Engineer with Bunji Hydropower Consultants July 1, 2004 – October 30, 2004, Responsibilities include slope stability analysis,.
  • Design of Anchors for Deep Excavation for multistory buildings including Pace Tower, Vogue Tower, Capital Tower, Al-Fateh Shopping Mall, Famous Tower, Novotel Hotel, Fortress Mall in Lahore, Suleman Heights in Gujranwala, Habib Rafique Shopping Complex in Rawalpindi.
  • Geotechnical Advisor to Kohat Cement Ltd. for their new Grey Cement Plant at Kohat.
  •  Geotechnical Advisor to Gharibwal Cement Ltd. for their new Cement Plant at Gharibwal.
  • Geotechnical Advosir to M/s Bauer Int. at Mabarak Centre, Ferozepur Road, Lahore
Engineering Characteristics of Expansive Soils in Pakistan. Engr. Khalid Farooq (1996)
Lahore-Islamabad Motorway – A Case History Miss Qaiser Naheed Hashemi, 2003.
Evaluation of In-situ Characteristics of Southern Lahore Alluvium Using the Newcastle Dilatometer Engr. Sohail Kibria, 2004
Analysis of Newcastle Dilatometer Data for Jaranwala Sand. Engr. Haq Nawaz, 2005
Development of Physical Models in Geotechnical Engineering. Engr. Ammad Hassan, 2005
Compressibility Characteristics of Southern Lahore Alluvium Engr. Azhar Bashir, 2005
Comparison of Conventional vs. Computer Aided Analysis of Slopes Engr. Zishan Ashiq, 2006
Two and Three Dimensional Slope Stability Analysis of Mangla Dam using Computer Software. Engr. Muhammad Tanvir Abbas, 2006
A study on Comparison of Different Pavement Design Methodologies. Engr. Ali Zeb, 2007
Analysis of Pile Load Tests Data. Engr. Sami-ud Din Khilji, 2007
Deep Excavation Practices in Lahore – A Case Study. Engr. Muhammad Ashiq, 2008
Current Practices in Rock Grouting. Engr. M. Aslam Tayyab (Left Pakistan)
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Integrated Traffic Management System at Ferozepur Road. Engr. Mazhar Hussain Asif (2010)
Improvised Design of Deep Excavation Support System in Lahore Alluvium Engr Sadaf Saeed (2009)
Economic Analysis of Tarnol-Jand Section (N-80) of National Highway Engr. Sami ur Rehman (2010)
Comparison of Road Design Using CBR and MR techniques Engr. Mohsin Ali Khan (in progress)
Parking Solutions at Nila Gumbad, Lahore Engr. Qasim Amin (2010)
Optimal Design of Shallow Foundations Engr. Muhammad Raheel Tariq (in progress)
Software Development for CPT Data Interpretation Engr. Muhammad Saeed (in progress)
Effect of Initial Moisture Content on Shear Strength and Collapse Potential of Noorpur Thal Sands. Engr. Badar Sultan (in progress)
Geotechnical Considerations for Nuclear Power Plants – A case Study Engr. M. Atif Rehman (2010)
Geometric Design & Traffic Engineering Solutions for Kalma Chowk Engr. Imran Ishaq  (in progress)
Effect of Sand Mixing on Consolidated Characteristics of Kala Shah Kaku Soil Engr. Sadia Ismail  (2010)
Comparison of Measured and Empirically Evaluated Settlement in Sand. Usman Rafi Khan (2010)
Stabilization of KSK Subgrade Soils Using Lme and Cement Siama Riaz  (in progress)
  Saba Anwar (in progress)
A Parametric Study on Stability of Open Excavations in Lahore M. Irfan  (in progress)
Analysis of In-situ Tests Data for Pile Capacity Prediction M. Abdul Waheed (in progress)
Comparison of Dynamic and Static Load Testing  for Piles Muhammad Fayyaz (in progress)
Determination of Moduli of Subgrade Reaction from In-situ Tests Ali Amjad Gill (in progress)
Performance of Trucks on Grade at Selected Locations in Punjab Javid Hussain (in progress)
Development of Pressuremeter and its Application in Geotechnical Engineering. Ph.D. Thesis, Zia ur Rehman (2010)
Experimental Analysis of Flat Rigid Piston Dilatometer Ph.D. Thesis, Engr. Ammad Hassan Khan (in progress)
Geotechnical Characterization Through Pressuremeter and Laboratory Testing for Alluvial Soils Engr. Zubair Masood (Ph.D. student) (in progress)