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The development of systems and technologies has always been the key component in bringing improvements in chemical industries.  The stress in the industry has been shifting from resource-based economics to knowledge-based economics to face the global challenges. The integration of computing tools and chemical engineering science has led to major changes in process design, operation, and optimization and management techniques.  Relatively safer and environmental compliant plants with higher quality production rates are the need of the changing world.  The Process System Engineering (PSE) Group led by Dr. –Ing. Naveed Ramzan is working in partnership with public, private and international resource centers to promote R&D activity and development of industry.  The principal areas of interest of PSE group are:          

  • Process Modeling and Simulation
  • Process Development, Design and Optimization
  • Process Safely and Risk Management
  • Process Control and Operation
Group Leader
  • Dr. –Ing. Naveed Ramzan
Group Members
  • Prof. Dr. Shahid Naveed
  • Mr. Muhammad Faheem
Recent Publications
  • Ramzan, N. & Witt, W., “Methodology for decision support among conflicting objectives using process simulators”, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 21A, Proceedings of 16th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering and 9TH International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering, 415-421 (2006)
  • Ramzan, N., Compart, F., & Witt, W., “Methodology for the generation and evaluation of safety system alternatives based on extended HAZOP”, Process Safety Progress, 26(1), 35-42 (2007)
  • Ramzan, N., Compart, F., & Witt, W., “Application of Extended HAZOP and event tree analysis for investigating operational failures and safety optimization of distillation column unit”, Process Safety Progress, 26 (3), 248-257 (2007)
  • Ramzan, N., & Witt, W., “Merging safety and reliability analysis for process safety and reliability improvement”, Revista de Chimie, 58(4), 379-386 (2007)