FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES OF THE Planning & Development

UET Lahore, on receiving its Charter in the Year 1961, set up the Directorate of Planning and Development for improvement and development of existing Infrastructure at the premises.

This Directorate performs various functions e.g. planning of Development Schemes of the University and arranging of funds for the execution to strengthen and promote developmental activities and human resource development at various departments of UET. For the realization of above objectives this Directorate has prepared various development schemes and arranged funds amounting to   Rs.10172.380 M for the execution of thirty three development schemes of UET from Higher Education Commission/Govt. of the Pakistan and Govt. of Punjab during the Years from 2000 to 2010. This Directorate has played a vital role in acquisition of land for setting up three Satellite Campuses of UET Lahore where classes are now functioning in full swing.

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