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Project Ideas Competition - Call for registration

KICS organizes ICT project ideas competition (PIC) to involve students to contribute in today’s open source world from all the professional institutions of Pakistan.

Project Topics

The themes of science, inventions and technology allow for a wide range of topics and projects using ICT. Students should select a topic that helps them explore something they're interested in learning more about.
The ideal project is one:

  • that helps the community,
  • that has some innovation, and
  • that can be commercialize able.

Judgment Criteria:

  • Innovation: How innovative the idea is?
  • Entrepreneurial: How entrepreneurial the idea is:
  • Social: How social the idea is?

How it Works:

Get your team together and submit your idea to [email protected] mentioning category of project presentation. Selected ideas will be allowed to be presented in the competition. Top 3 teams will win great prizes and get one-on-one consulting session about their ideas. Submission deadline is 15 November, 2010.


The most important prizes are intangible ones. Participants are rewarded with new knowledge gained through personal effort. In addition, all participants will receive certificates of participation. Special prizes will be awarded for the top entries
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