All Pakistan Electrical Symposium 2017

IEEE UET is proud to present its Mega Event of the Year on 20 th to 22 nd October 2017 named, “All Pakistan Electrical Symposium 2017”. This is a purely technical event in which national and international speakers will be invited to give talks and presentations on various topics, highlighting the recent advancements and progress in the field of Electrical Engineering. In APES ’17, we have pledged to provide students with quality knowledge on various subjects in Electrical Engineering. We have arranged presentations on the field of Power, Computers, and Biomedical. We have also arranged a number of humanitarian tracks including Women Empowerment. We have also arranged a Round Table on Industry-Academia Collaboration in which we aim to bring together professionals from industry and academia on one table to discuss how the gap between the education sector and industry can be bridged. This event is very beneficial for students. It will be a platform for them to interact with professionals and learn about the latest trends in Electrical Engineering. For young engineers, it is a perfect opportunity to explore the various fields INSIDE Electrical Engineering and learn about their options for specialization in the future. For senior students, it is an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and prepare themselves before going into field work.

UET Lahore