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University of Engineering and Technology, Student Branch

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IEEE UET Student Branch

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Welcom to IEEE UET Student Branch


The IEEE Student Branch at UET, Lahore was established in 1982 and regularly arranges technical activities and workshop to help student in their professional growth.The branch members learn valuable technical, managment, communication and leadership skill by arranging a variety of events.

The student branch is committed to provide excellent opportunities of professional development for the students of UET to help grow their technical, and professional skills. That is to say, that apart from gaining the usual technological knowledge, special consideration is given to the professional nourishment of the members, by making them arrange events and manage projects, both technical and non-technical. .

To formalize the process, the IEEE, student branch has also laid foundation of a number of committees to facilitate the branch administration and its operation!

About IEEE

IEEE is world's largest professional association dedicated to the promotion and advancement of technology related to electricity and electronics. IEEE is the trusted "platform" for engineering, computing and technology information worldwide. It has the most members of any technical professional organization in the world, with more than 365,000 members in around 150 countries. Read more about IEEE

WIE Affinity Group

IEEE UET has recently extablished an affinty group of IEEE WIE (Women In Engineering) in an effort to support WIE mission to engage, empower and inspire women engineers.

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to promoting women engineers and scientists.


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