Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Rafique


Designation : Professor

Latest Qualification : Post Doctoral

Teaching Courses


Research Interest

  • Femto-second laser matter interaction
  • Nano particle generation in liquid environment by (fs) femtosecond Laser
  • Thin film preparation using Pulsed laser Deposition (PLD) Technique
  • Real time image analysis of Plasma Phenomena at Pico and nano second scale (capture and analysis)
  • Surface modifications of materials by X-rays emitted from laser plasmas
  • Thomson spectroscopy of the ion emission from plasmas
  • Fundamental research on radiation (Soft X-rays, Hard X-ray, Neutrons) and particle (Deuterons and Electrons) emission from Plasma Focus Devices
  • Correlations of the electrical diagnostics with the dynamics of the discharge and radiation emission from Plasma Focus Devices
  • Applications of Soft X-rays, hard X-rays emission (spatial and temporal resolution) from Plasma Focus Devices
  • Development of dense Plasma Focus as an X-ray source for microelectronics lithography and micro machining
  • Laser Phy: Femto and nano second laser matter interaction. Laser induced generation of nano particles from colloidal solution Laser induced plasma, technology and applications Design and Fabrication of Lasers (CW Nd: YAG, He-Ne, N2, N2 Dye laser, TEA CO2)
  • Vacuum Technology: Design and engineering of high vacuum systems
  • Radiations Physics: Pulsed Neutron and X-ray sources and applications
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): Operation of SEM and analysis of the images
  • Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM): Operation and Analysis
  • Plasma Focus Devices: Engineering and designing of plasma sources Dense Plasma Focus (DPF) Devices (160 kA, 270 kA and 0.5 MA), building, assembly and fundamental research and application
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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahid Rafique
R-56, Staff Colony UET, Lahore - 54890