Department of Geological Engineering


Department of Geological Engineering 


The Geological Engineering Program is designed to produce professional Geological Engineers who can ensure proficient practice of Geological Engineering profession in the following areas:

  • Rock Engineering and Geo-technical Engineering.
  • Exploration of Natural Energy Resources.
  • Environmental and Water Resources aspects.


In the 21st century the most vital challenge faced is the preservation and efficient utilization of Geo-Space and its resources without disturbing the ecological balance. The aim of Geological Engineering is to come up with engineering solutions which can meet these challenges for better use of global resources for human beings.

Geological Engineering is a relatively new discipline and University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore introduced it for the first time in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Mining Engineering Department in 2001. In view of the national demand and popularity of the degree program, an independent department Geological Engineering has been established since January 2006 in its own building. Now intake of the department is more than 45 students per year.

Our Graduates are successfully working in construction and petroleum industry and their role is imperative in tunneling and earthquake areas.

Recently the department has adopted Outcome based learning education system. Read more


Courses of Study

The Department offers courses of study leading to the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering
  • Master of Science in Geological Engineering
  • Master of Science in Geological Sciences with specialization in:
    • Engineering Geology
    • Petroleum Geology

The curriculum of Geological Engineering program has been designed keeping in view the local needs and international trends. In the first two years the essential concepts of basic sciences and engineering are taught to give students the required breadth. The last two years of the program are designed to give the students the necessary skills in the three main focused areas as mentioned in objectives. The group of subjects for each area is given as following:

  • Rock Engineering and Geo-technical Engineering - Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics, Geo-technical Engineering, Tunneling Engineering and Shaft Sinking, Pavement and Foundation Engineering, Earthquake Seismology and Risk Assessment.
  • Exploration of Natural Energy Resources – Introduction to Basin Analysis, Petroleum Geology, Drilling Engineering, Petrophysics and Well Logging, Introduction to Geophysical Exploration Techniques, Introduction to GIS / RS.
  • Environmental and Water Resources Aspects - Hydrogeology, Environmental Geology & Hazardous Waste Management.

Graduates Placement

Our graduates are working in following national and multinational construction and oil companies:

  • National Engineering Services of Pakistan (NESPAK)
  • National Development Consultants (NDC)
  • Pakistan Engineering Services (PES)
  • Water & Power Development Authority (WAPDA)
  • Ammico International Pvt Ltd, Qatar
  • Baker Hughes Inteq (USA based)
  • Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL)
  • Weatherford Ltd (USA based)
  • Nuricon Petrosevices Ltd (GmbH)
  • Rally Energy Ltd (Canada based)
  • Geo-Spectrum (UK based)

Our graduates have high acceptance in renowned universities of North America, Australia, Europe and Japan. Many of our graduates are successfully pursuing their post graduate studies in these universities.

Field/Practical Training

The students of Geological Engineering get field and practical training during different stages of the course. Survey and field geology camp are compulsory components of this new discipline. It is worth mentioning that passed-out batches of this new discipline are already contributing with their knowledge and skills in both private and public sectors.


Liaison with Industry

The department has established continuing links with Geotechnical and Petroleum industries. As a result, many national and multinational organizations are providing internships for practical training.