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In Collaboration with 11th IEEE ICOSST '17

IEEE-UET,IET UET, UET Game Studio and Software Square UET Lahore present BRAINIAC 2017 in collaboration with ICOSST 2017. Can't wait for the remaining half of the semester to be over?

Well, this might slow things down! IEEE-UET,IET UET, UET game Studio and Software Square UET Lahore brings you BRAINIAC 2017, a perfect mix of technical and non-technical competitions, seminars and conferences, and workshops. So whether you are a nerd, a debater, a hands-on guy, or someone with an artistic streak, BRAINIAC 2017 has something for you...!

Brainiac Event

Workshop- Get Started with GIT

Competition- PCB Design Contest

Workshop- Matlab Essentials

Competition- Call of Duty, Fifa & Counter Strike

Competition- Speed Coding

Workshop- Aurduino

Workshop- Programmable Logic Controller(PLC)

“Brianic has always been our attention-grabbing gaming and intelligence competition, which is widely popular among the students. Every year we witness large number of participation. I warmly welcome all participating students and wish them good luck this year.”


Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Dr. Usman Ghani

Chair Brainiac Committee

Ammar Azeem

Brainiac Coordinator

Ali Ayyaz

Team Lead UET Game Studio

Mujeeb Aslam

President IEEE UET

Ahmad Riaz

President IET UET

Adnan Muhib

President Software Square UET

Let’s Go Techno


UET Lahore Grand Trunk Road Lahore




Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm
Friday: People work on Fridays now?
Saturday - Sunday: Best not to ask.
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